Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 2008 Series of Fortunate and UNfortunate Events

June 2008

June 5: Met up with our cake supplier at Makati

June 6-7: We had a company outing at Montemar Beach Resort in Bagac, Bataan.

June 8: My Birthday celebration with my family and Pamanhikan Day

June 9: My Birthday celebration with my honey

June 11-12: Company outing again at Forest Club in Bay, Laguna

June 12 (PM): Started having fever

June 13: Almost got hit by a motorcycle while I was crossing the street; Turnover

Of HR functions from another HR.

June 14: Took a half-day sick leave

June 15: Food Tasting at the Palmier

June 16: Took a half-day sick leave; Fever was at 39.9 degrees already (and she

Doesn’t give a damn)

June 17-19: Was on sick leave due to pneumonia; thank God it’s not dengue; spent

The week at my cousin’s place.

June 20: Went back to work; Found out from an officer that she wanted me to have

a formal turnover before taking my sick leave (the nerve!) and she is

actually questioning why I informed her only through text!

June 21: Was feeling better already but was advised by the doctor to take things


June 22: Typhoon Frank; but enjoyed the day nonetheless because my honey is

With me; cancelled prenup pictorial

June 23: Talked to an officer of a company I am handling and she requested me to

Join their activity. I told her I can’t because I was sick, and she told me

That I should join them since it was already a week since I had been sick

And that I should take this time to bond with the employees (hmmm…)

Composed my final letter, but haven’t emailed it yet

June 24: Didn’t join the activity; I’d rather risk my work than my health and my

life. Still thinking when I should send the letter.

June 25: writing in this blog just to express my anxieties…


  • A lot can happen in a span of a few days.
  • You are insignificant to them. What’s important is that you do what you’re supposed to do no matter what it costs you.
  • They don’t believe it when you say you’re sick. You aren’t sick if you can still walk and talk (and text). They would probably believe you if you tell them you’re dying.
  • If you’re no longer happy, quit! It’s not worth all the psychological and emotional stress they bring you.
  • You deserve to be treated better; don’t let anyone put you down.
  • There are people who love you and who will stay with you through thick and thin. And these are called family and friends. You would know who truly cares in times like these. And thank God I have found them…

And to all others who don’t give a damn…the time is near…I am ready to go…It will be your loss…