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June 2008 Series of Fortunate and UNfortunate Events

June 2008June 5:Met up with our cake supplier at MakatiJune 6-7:We had a company outing at Montemar Beach Resort in Bagac, Bataan.June 8:My Birthday celebration with my family and Pamanhikan DayJune 9:My Birthday celebration with my honeyJune 11-12:Company outing again at Forest Club in Bay, LagunaJune 12 (PM):Started having feverJune 13:Almost got hit by a motorcycle while I was crossing the street; TurnoverOf HR functions from another HR.June 14:Took a half-day sick leaveJune 15:Food Tasting at the PalmierJune 16:Took a half-day sick leave; Fever was at 39.9 degrees already (and sheDoesn’t give a damn)June 17-19:Was on sick leave due to pneumonia; thank God it’s not dengue; spentThe week at my cousin’s place.June 20:Went back to work; Found out from an officer that she wanted me to havea formal turnover before taking my sick leave (the nerve!) and she isactually questioning why I informed her only through text!June 21:Was feeling better already but was advised by the doctor to take …