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pouring my heart out

when i was younger, i used to keep a journal.  almost everyday i'd write anything significant that happened to me.
i miss writing...
when i am pissed off, i'd write everything until my head cools down. when i am sad, i'd write each and every hurtful detail i could remember, cry my heart out and feel a bit better afterwards. when i am happy, i'd write so fast just to get all information saved in that precious notebook of memories.
writing has been a therapy and a refuge during my teen days.  it helped me keep my sanity.
i miss those days when i can write anything i want and never get criticized for it -- because no one would actually see it.
i miss writing...i'm gonna buy myself a really nice notebook and a nice pen. :))

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter fever is starting to get on to me...again! 2 weeks to go until the screening day of the last movie in the series.  Harry Potter has been a part of my growing up years.  I can still remember the days I spent reading all the books in the series.

I almost missed the 12mn New Year fireworks because I was engrossed reading the 1st to 3rd book.

I read the 4th book while studying for the final exams during college.

I printed a "leaked" copy of the 5th book, and took it to a photocopy center near our school to have it "hard-bound".

I took an early break from work when the 6th book was released just to make sure I am able to get a copy on the 1st day, read thru the night and cried my eyes and heart out when Dumbledore died.

I reserved a copy of the 7th book and read it in about 3-4 days because I wanted to find out how Voldemort would die (oh, yes I'm pretty sure he is the one who dies).

I watched all the movies, most of which during the 1st screening…