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My daughter went to school today.  Alone.  For the first time.

I don't know whether I'm happy or sad.  I'm surely proud of her for being so brave and independent at a very young age.  However, I also feel terrible because I can't be there for her.  I know I'm trying my best to be a good mom and to provide for all her needs.  But i still feel inadequate.

I still remember the time I went to school alone for the first time.  I was in Grade 1 and my father went with me on my first day of school and looked for a school service that would take me to school and back home.
On the second day, i was alone.  it was pretty much like what happened to my daughter.  except that today, shuttle services have their own "kuyas" to help the little ones with their things, unlike during my time.

I feel sad because this only means that my little girl is starting to be on her own.  Sooner or later she will be doing things on her own without our help.  And that just makes me sad.…