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Letting Go...

I am letting go...finally...

I have made my decision final and now there's no turning back. honestly, i'm quite excited...i'm looking forward to a new beginning.

i'm also scared because i don't know what will happen next. but i know that i have His guidance and everything will be alright.

and the countdown begins...

Digiscrapping, Wedding Preps and July 18 Earthquake Prediction

I have a new-found addiction…digiscrapping!!! It’s the same as the usual scrapbooking, except that it’s digital – less trash, no use of glue, colored pens, no cutouts – all digital!!It’s so addicting and really fun to do.I have downloaded several kits and elements already and I’m having a blast doing it! I’m still newbie in digiscrapping (and using Photoshop for that matter) so I haven’t tried any complicated tricks yet.For those who are interested in digiscrapping, try visiting these sites:, There are also other digiscrapping sites, just google it!
We are already on the 2nd half of July and August is fast approaching. Soon enough, -BER months are coming!!! We are halfway through our wedding planning but I feel like there are still lots to do! So far, here are the suppliers that we have already booked:Church – Presentation of the Child Jesus Church
Reception – Palmier 310 Garden Restaurant
Photo/Video – RJL Digital Photography
Priest – Fr. Rene L…