Sunday, August 15, 2010

uy, ang taba mo ngayon!!

feeling hopeless and depressed...

it's been almost a year since i gave birth to our precious baby and until now i haven't shed off the extra weight i gained. i am seriously feeling depressed about it. to make things worse, people are not so sensitive/accepting about it.

minsan napapaisip ako, bakit ba ang daming nakikialam pag tumaba or pumayat ang isang tao? is this a filipino thing? when we see someone after not seeing them for a long time, more often than not, ang bati natin is, "uy, pumayat ka!", or "uy, ang taba mo ngayon!". isn't that a bit insensitive? what if the person was suffering from an illness which made her lose weight fast? or what if the person as already feeling depressed about being mataba?

i admint, i was one of those people. until i have realized that it is so not worth it. can we not think of anything better to say? if you think a person is fat, or gained weight, chances are, he/she already knows about it. and you need not rub it in her face.

and why do you care so much if a person is fat or thin? we have our own lives to live and own body to take charge of. other people's body should be least of our worries.

seriously, filipinos should realize the damage it may cause.

for me, if i hear someone tell me i am mataba, i think a could appreciate more if they just slapped me in the face.