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Jakob Niccolo

We have finally decided on a name!!
Actually, the name Jakob has been on our minds even when i was pregnant with Jenika.  We knew then that if we had a boy, his name would definitely be Jakob.  We chose that name and changed it from the usual spelling - Jacob - simply because of Jake's name.
The 2nd name, Niccolo, was the one we agreed on.  There wasn't much on our list of 2nd names because Jake didn't really want to have a second name for Jakob.  But i felt like we need to have one...parang bitin eh.  So, we finally agreed on Niccolo.
Jakob means "supplanter" and Niccolo means "people of victory".

Countdown to 37

I'm now on my 33rd week.  4 more weeks and the little bundle of joy who is currently somersaulting in my tummy will be with us physically.

I can't believe we're almost in the home stretch.  And I'm starting to feel excited and nervous at the same time.  I kinda hope I will be able to give birth on March but according to my OB, that won't be possible.  And honestly, I'm already looking forward to bringing this baby out.  I'm just excited to see him.

Everything is just so different for this 2nd pregnancy.  From the minor spotting that I had when I was only about 10 weeks on the way, to the "paglilihi" stage, to the appearance of my linea negra and "pagmamanas".  It's really true when they say that every pregnancy is different.  Now I can't which pregnancy is more difficult.

Aside from the worries of actually giving birth, I am also thinking a lot on how we will be able to cope with having another baby, without a helper, and both of…