Sunday, September 23, 2012

Turning 3...

My baby is turning 3 tomorrow...

I'm feeling a mixture of emotions right now.  I'm sad because she seems to be growing up too fast.  I'm afraid because of the bigger responsibility that is coming our way.  I'm worried of what the future will bring her.  But mostly I'm happy because she's growing up to be a fine, young kid.

I have never really focused on teaching her practical things, but she seems to learn it by herself! She learned how to eat on her own when she turned 1.  She learned to potty train herself when she was just 2 years and a few months old and without me teaching her how.  When we talk to her, it's as if we are talking to a 5 year old kid because of all the things that come out of her mouth.  And to add to that, she no longer baby talks unlike some kids her age.

She even knows how to console me when I'm sad.  She simply hugs and kisses me and says, "wag ka na sad, nandito naman ako", in a sweet and gentle voice.  Now, who wouldn't love this kid?

Looking back 3 years ago when I gave birth, I didn't even think that she will grow up to be like this.  What I wanted was just to keep her safe, healthy and be able to provide for her needs.  It's a plus that she is smart, bibo, and really malambing.  There are times when she really tests my patience, but she's just a kid.  And I love her to pieces,

Advance Happy 3rd Birthday my baby'll always be my baby.  I hope you'll grow up to be a fine, nice lady.  I love you and I will always stand by your side no matter what it takes.