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Chemical Peeling

Last Saturday I had a follow-up checkup with my new dermatologist, Dra. Evangeline Handog.  I'm having a really bad case of acne which started when I was pregnant with Kelly.
Dra. Handog is the 2nd dermatologist i've consulted with.  The first one was not that effective and I didn't really like the way she handled my check-ups.  I spent a total of almost 7000Php for medications but have not seen any result.
I've decided to consult with Dra. Handog and she immediately prescribed a different set of topical and oral medicines.  On my 2nd visit, she told me that she will treat my face with chemical peeling, which was quite scary considering it's my first time to do such.
She asked me to wash my face with cetaphil and right after she started the treatment. boy, did that sting! i felt like my whole face was burning! after a few secs, she asked me to rinse and immediately apply ice compress to ease the burning sensation.
I'm on the 3rd day and my face has started peel…

School Season

Summer is almost over and school season is about to begin. I'm getting pretty excited because my baby Kelly will start her schooling this June! Yay!  Some might say that she's too young to go to school and I admit that she is!  The reason why I want her to start schooling this early is because I want to prepare her for big school.  I don't want her to get overwhelmed with school and kids.  I'm hoping that she'd enjoy going to school as much as I did! :)
Can't wait to buy her first school shoes!