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1 week...

a week has passed without me realizing it. this has been a really tiring week for me.

i have a new job and honestly, i'm struggling...this is different...and i'm not even sure if i really wanted this job. it's hard to start anew. there are a lot of things that i have to learn, people that i have to deal with, things that i have to discover...i'm scared, i'm confused, i'm doubtful. i'm not sure if i can make it for another week.

i'm starting to think if i should just give up and wait for a few more months...but something tells me to go on and prove myself. if they can do it, so can I...but then again...

hayyy...i really don't know what to do...

bumming around...

bumming around...10/6/0808:58 pm
i have resigned from work and i have been spending a lot of time at home. i've done quite a lot for our upcoming wedding and i have also started to learn how to cook! i'm done wrapping our female principal sponsors' gifts, the female entourage gifts and i'm done also with our invites. yipee!

i've been spending a lot of time watching FRIENDS. i'm addicted to it now! haha...

anyway, hopefully my bumming days will be over soon...

here are my wedding updates:

*met up with Fr. Rene for some updates
*submitted the church requirements and paid church fee
*booked Espesyal na Ngiti as our backup photographer (i like christine! she's so nice to talk to)

here are my TO DOs:

*confirm 1st fitting schedule of entourage with Oskar Peralta
*confirm Canonical Interview schedule
*finalize details
*go to Divisoria

so many things to do! and it's less than 2 months to go!