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frustrated (this entry came in before the previous entry)

October 8th, 200710/8/0711:21 am
i am starting to get frustrated with what is happening w/ me right now. i would like to believe that something good will come out of this but i can't seen to get myself to ACTUALLY believe. what makes it worse is that the other person thinks that i am just doing this just because i feel like doing so. i hate it! when can he actually realize that i mean what i say? when can he fully believe that i am tired of waiting? that i am really sick and tired of dealing with his unkept promises and mismanaged priorities? i have set a deadline for myself...and he knows that. but he doesn't believe. i just hope it won't come THAT point. both of us won't like the result. but i made that deadline, and i plan to stick to it. arrggghhh!!!! i hate it!!

happy...i got my sign

i feel so happy...i never expected this to happen too soon...

i woke up in the morning feeling a little bit strange. i got a txt message from my boyfriend asking me a weird question. he gave me a hint when he asked me that question. but nevertheless, i just brushed the thought off my mind and spent the day as normally as i can.

noon came, and he texted me again asking me another strange question. my suspicions are getting stronger but at the back of my mind, i never thought he would do it this soon. i tried calling him but there was no answer. i was wondering, "wait a minute...a few seconds ago we were just txtng each other and then suddenly he can't answer my call?" hmmm...something fishy is going on.

he then called me and tried his best to act normal. and i thought to myself, "ahhh, i might be imagining things". so i went on with my work and stopped thinking about the strange signs.

he fetched me at the office at around 7:00pm. we were supposed to go to AT…