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My Wedding Kwento Part 3

When we arrived at 310, it was raining. I couldn’t help but notice that the luminaries were not lit up, the songs they were playing were not my song choices, the tarpaulin was not setup and everything was just…magulo. But it was actually ok with me…I was happy and it didn’t matter.

Again, Michelle came with me to the room, and started retouching my makeup. And I was hearing the guests settle themselves.

Then it was time to make our grand entrance as a couple. We were introduced by our emcee, Ate Vive. Thank God the DJ got the entrance song right this time!!

So the program came and went. The traditions first, the dove, cake and wine. Another glitch—the wine we drank was not wine…it was…SPRITE!! Hahahaha!!! The wine were supposed to use was accidentally dropped and spilled. So no more wine for us! Ahahah!!!

I told you, so many glitches, eh??

And then dinner time for the guests and photo shoot. I was so hungry but we didn’t have time to eat because we had to smile and smile and smile.…

My Wedding Kwento Part 2

By the time we went out, the weather was gloomy (I was already praying then that it won’t rain). And then…it started to sprinkle…oh what a disaster my wedding would be, or so I thought. It was also kind of traffic along Alabang-Zapote Rd (It was a Saturday), and the guard from BF Homes almost prevented us from entering the gate…I thought I would have to get out of the car and point out that it is my wedding day and the church was inside the Village…anyway, they were kind enough to let us pass.

When I arrived at the Church, almost everyone was there. My relatives, Jake’s relatives, our friends, our suppliers, and a lot more. I thought I would have time to make chika to my friends but then Michelle suddenly entered the car and started to retouch my makeup. Oh he made me really pretty that day.

Then I saw the organizers from the Church already starting to instruct the entourage. And then I heard the choir sing my special request – Canon in D Acapella version. It was just so heavenly…

My Wedding Kwento Part 1

Omigod...I feel so ashamed. My last entry was November pa...and I even promised to be back after a FEW days...

Well, I’m back...after a FEW months, that is... =)

Here’s my kwento and of course suppliers’ ratings. Our wedding day was really a perfect day for us. Despite the glitches, palpak, pintas and was just so goes my kwento:

November 21 - the day before our wedding...Jake and I were already on leave, but we were still doing a LOT of things.
* pick up gown at Oskar's place
* pack my things
* Burn CD for reception and backup music for church
* print guest sheets
* have a manicure and pedicure
* Text entourage and suppliers
* print the missalettes
* And a lot moreeee!!!!!

I was already on the verge of crying because I didn't know that to do first. Good thing my parents were also on leave and they were able to help me out big time!

Miraculously, we were able to do almost everything in our to-do list... (We slept at around 3am already). My ma…