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Thank you (again)!!

I celebrated my birthday last June 9. This is now officially the last year in my 20s. As a belated birthday gift, my husband gave me a new phone! I was torn between getting an iphone or a samsung phone but in the end Jake decided that the iPhone is better for me. Thanks for this present hon! I love you!!!

Jenika's 1st Day in School

I was waiting for this day since we enrolled our little girl last May.  I even filed for a leave to ensure that I will accompany her on her 1st day.  We've decided to let her go to school this early since we want to take advantage of the fact that at this stage her mind still works like a sponge, absorbing lots of things quickly.
A lot may roll their eyes and even comment why we are sending her this early to school.  For me, the answer is simple.  Education is something parents' should invest on.  And at this stage, toddlers still think that school is all about fun and play.  So, why not take that as an opportunity to immerse your child to learning?
The day started not so great for my little girl.  She woke up with a "sumpong", probably due to the fact that she have been crying her eyes out last night.
I let her watch TV and play for a few minutes and told her to eat before taking a bath.  It's a good thing my mom cooked her favorite "sinigang"…