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missing my HR life...

it's the season for parties again...i terribly miss organizing christmas parties, yearend parties, raffles, exchange gifts, searching for venues...
as much as i don't want to admit it, i miss my HR life... :(
as i've posted in my facebook page: my inner HR is calling me once this a sign? a sign that i should go back to being an HR person, which i think, i'm destined to be?

Lucky 13!

It's been 13 years...13 years since we became a couple. And 2 years since we got married. Can things get any better??? hell yeah! i'm quite sure of it :)

uy, ang taba mo ngayon!!

feeling hopeless and depressed...
it's been almost a year since i gave birth to our precious baby and until now i haven't shed off the extra weight i gained. i am seriously feeling depressed about it. to make things worse, people are not so sensitive/accepting about it.
minsan napapaisip ako, bakit ba ang daming nakikialam pag tumaba or pumayat ang isang tao? is this a filipino thing? when we see someone after not seeing them for a long time, more often than not, ang bati natin is, "uy, pumayat ka!", or "uy, ang taba mo ngayon!". isn't that a bit insensitive? what if the person was suffering from an illness which made her lose weight fast? or what if the person as already feeling depressed about being mataba?
i admint, i was one of those people. until i have realized that it is so not worth it. can we not think of anything better to say? if you think a person is fat, or gained weight, chances are, he/she already knows about it. and you need not rub it in…

tired and exhausted

i am many things to do, so many things to plan, so many things to think about.
i have not been feeling my best these past few days. i feel so down about a lot of things. about work and career, about life and relationships in general, about financial difficulties, and a whole lot more.
i am hoping to feel better these coming days. thank God my baby kelly is there to always make me smile. she is just the most adorable baby in this world.

i miss blogging

i miss blogging so much! ever since baby kelly came, and with the new position i took, i haven't found the time to blog. i so miss this blog.
i want to revive this blog. especially now that i have lots of things that i could blog about. i am hopeful that i will be more "active" in the blogging world in the days to come.
see you around!