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Separation Anxieties

The little girl's being extra sweet and clingy to me lately. Probably because she knows i'll be back to work soon. She keeps asking me how many more sleeps before i return to work and asks me what she would do if she misses me. She asks me to treat her like a baby and put her to sleep by cradling her and singing songs. 
Every night before she sleeps, she always tells me how much she loves me, her daddy, jakob, lolo and lola. And tonight, she suddenly came to me and held my face in her two little hands and told me, "mommy, lagi mong tatandan, mahal na mahal kita". And then she went on her usual tirade of questions about me going back to work.  And to make my heart melt even more, she told me that she wanted me to just stay at home and be with her and Jakob and that she would miss me when I go back to work.
Now, how can i resist a request like that? No matter how badly i want to just stay at home and take care of them, i just can't. Maybe, just maybe life will be bet…