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my weekend gimik

my high school friends went to a bar in Malate. we were supposed to watch another friend and his band play. their gig was scheduled at 10pm. we agreed to meet up at around 8:00pm. but due to our constantly late friend (peace choi!), we left our meeting place a little over 9:30pm already. we arrived at the bar at around 10:15 and the band was already getting ready to play. another unfortunate event came up. the bar was not that big and can only accomodate a number of people. and since we were late, all the seats were taken. we decided to transfer to another bar (hey, we were able to hear our friend play, anyway!).

we were contemplating on where to go. we are not so familiar with the bars all over malate. we went there just once, at Ratsky. it's a good thing one friend of mine was quite familiar with the place since she, most of the time, spent her free time there during her college days. we went to several bars. we've decided to go to Common Ground bar, but a guy friend ranted because they wouldnt allow him to bring his cap inside! bad hair day choi! so we walked and walked until we reached ratsky. True Faith was playing that night (the same band who played when we went there one cold december). we decided against it later on because of their not so affordable entrance fee. 200 pesos each, non-consummable. :( so we went back to common ground bar, and our guy friend consented to leave his cap behind.

it was a nice bar, though they did not have any live bands playing (would've preferred bands over plain music). but since majority were in favor of going inside, i just followed them. the music consists mainly of house/trance and rnb music. i was not having much fun. not because i don't like the bar (though it was one of the reasons, but it doesn't matter anyway), but because i still have work the following day!! haha! imagine staying up until morning and then going to work the next day! suicide!!!

i thought of leaving earlier than them, around 1 or 2am. but of course just like any other gimiks with my friends, i was not able to go home earlier. my boyfriend and i arrived at his house around 4:30am. i slept at around 5am and woke up at 7:30am. i was still extremely sleepy but i couldn't afford not to got to work (i'm the team lead of the group, by the way).
to make the story short, i went to work. was sleepy all day! i went home at around 5pm. i slept at 6pm and woke up the next day at 9am!! haha!

i had a nice time, though not that great. my boyfriend kept dancing and if not for my dilemma of going home or not, i would've enjoyed the gimik more.

hopefully next gimik will be more favorable for me and my schedule. :)


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