Friday, May 29, 2009

My Wedding Kwento Part 1

Omigod...I feel so ashamed. My last entry was November pa...and I even promised to be back after a FEW days...

Well, I’m back...after a FEW months, that is... =)

Here’s my kwento and of course suppliers’ ratings. Our wedding day was really a perfect day for us. Despite the glitches, palpak, pintas and was just so goes my kwento:

November 21 - the day before our wedding...Jake and I were already on leave, but we were still doing a LOT of things.
* pick up gown at Oskar's place
* pack my things
* Burn CD for reception and backup music for church
* print guest sheets
* have a manicure and pedicure
* Text entourage and suppliers
* print the missalettes
* And a lot moreeee!!!!!

I was already on the verge of crying because I didn't know that to do first. Good thing my parents were also on leave and they were able to help me out big time!

Miraculously, we were able to do almost everything in our to-do list... (We slept at around 3am already). My maid of honor, best man and his girlfriend were with us at the hotel. Thank God for them...they helped us with the last minute chuvaness.

Oh by the way…I thought we could still have some “relaxing” time by the pool that night. Oh well…

November 22 - it's the BIG Day!!!

Despite my lack of sleep the previous night, I woke up at 7am feeling well rested…and so damn excited! So excited was I that I was even singing U2’s Beautiful Day. I woke up to the smell of purefoods luncheon meat, purefoods hotdog, egg and rice...yummy! It was a good thing I was able to eat a heavy breakfast. My next meal would be dinner!!!

At 8am, Michelle Zapanta, my makeup artist texted me telling me that they were already in Alabang. I hurriedly took a bath, asked my mom and my groom to also take a bath and texted the other people who would be availing of her make up services.

My makeup session started at 9am. I was already wearing my cutesy preparation dress. And then the doorbell rang…Christine and Jeff of Espesyal na Ngiti were already at the hotel!! They’re really early! I actually didn’t have time to ask them if they have eaten their breakfast because Michelle was busy doing my makeup. I just caught glimpses of them taking pictures of our wedding paraphernalia and behind the scene actions. And then the rest of the morning are already in a blur…a lot of people came in at the hotel. Ninong Bobby and the rest of the RJL people, Ate Vive, Li-anne, my in-laws, some of my high school barkadas, the flower people of Mang Boy Mahusay…and I think some more people. I was really not aware what was happening inside the hotel room. Michelle kept on putting makeup on me, her assistants were doing something in my hair, and the next thing I knew, it was already 12nn!! I haven’t eaten lunch, we haven’t had the pictorials yet, Oskar Peralta was not yet in the hotel to help me dress up!!! I was sort of panicking already and I kept asking my groom to ask Tito Oskar if he is already on his way to the hotel. Finally he arrived at 1pm just about time for me to dress up. The gown he made for me was really fantabulous…I loved it, everyone loved it…I felt like I was the most beautiful that day…Oh indeed, I am!!!!!

By 1:30 pm, Diane of Totally Mesmerized texted me and informed me that they are already at the Church (really early!!). I was excited to hear these guys sing…I haven’t heard them sing. I just relied on the reviews of other brides who got them as their choir.

And then, my “Ninong” Engel, arrived at the hotel bringing with him his Pearl White CRV which will serve as my bridal car (SUV, that is). And him as the driver…oh, that was really nice of him.

After the pictorials and last minute pahabols – things to put in my pouch, the laptop, other things that need to be brought…it was really PANIC TIME!! And then finally, it was now time to go to the Church.