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My Wedding Kwento Part 2

By the time we went out, the weather was gloomy (I was already praying then that it won’t rain). And then…it started to sprinkle…oh what a disaster my wedding would be, or so I thought. It was also kind of traffic along Alabang-Zapote Rd (It was a Saturday), and the guard from BF Homes almost prevented us from entering the gate…I thought I would have to get out of the car and point out that it is my wedding day and the church was inside the Village…anyway, they were kind enough to let us pass.

When I arrived at the Church, almost everyone was there. My relatives, Jake’s relatives, our friends, our suppliers, and a lot more. I thought I would have time to make chika to my friends but then Michelle suddenly entered the car and started to retouch my makeup. Oh he made me really pretty that day.

Then I saw the organizers from the Church already starting to instruct the entourage. And then I heard the choir sing my special request – Canon in D Acapella version. It was just so heavenly. And then my time to shine came…I got out of the car, and Christine was fixing my gown. Ate was actually instructing me to go walk with my parents. I told her I want to have my “moment” ahahahah!!! So I met my parents half-way through the altar, to the tune of “Perfect Moment” by Martine Mccutcheon. Another glitch here, the CD almost didn’t play…it was already the chorus when Diane began to sing. Oh anyway, her voice was beautiful that I didn’t mind the glitch. By the way, by this time, it was raining pretty hard!!!

While I was walking, I was concentrating on NOT tripping. I actually didn’t notice anyone. My eyes were just glued to my groom, who I saw was on the verge of tears!!! I couldn’t help but smile…he was such a lucky man...hahahaha!!!

And then we were at the altar together, where Fr. Rene greeted us. The ceremony started. Everyone loved Fr. Rene. He was our former school chaplain back in high school and we wanted him to marry us. His homily was really long, as always. But we loved it! There was no dull moment there. It was very light but full of meaning. We simply loved the ceremony.

Then came my dreaded moment…the vows. I was really not prepared with my vow. I just finished it the night before! Shame on me…Jake said his vows first (vow to be posted later). I was so touched with his vow. It was so sweet. My vow was…ok…ahhahaha…I admit, he put more effort on writing the vow than I did.

After that, the ceremony came on really fast. Before we knew it, it was time for pictorials. All smiles here and there…And then, we got out of the church and headed for the reception area, which was a good 5 minute drive away from PCJ.


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