Friday, May 29, 2009

My Wedding Kwento Part 3

When we arrived at 310, it was raining. I couldn’t help but notice that the luminaries were not lit up, the songs they were playing were not my song choices, the tarpaulin was not setup and everything was just…magulo. But it was actually ok with me…I was happy and it didn’t matter.

Again, Michelle came with me to the room, and started retouching my makeup. And I was hearing the guests settle themselves.

Then it was time to make our grand entrance as a couple. We were introduced by our emcee, Ate Vive. Thank God the DJ got the entrance song right this time!!

So the program came and went. The traditions first, the dove, cake and wine. Another glitch—the wine we drank was not wine…it was…SPRITE!! Hahahaha!!! The wine were supposed to use was accidentally dropped and spilled. So no more wine for us! Ahahah!!!

I told you, so many glitches, eh??

And then dinner time for the guests and photo shoot. I was so hungry but we didn’t have time to eat because we had to smile and smile and smile. In the background, Totally Mesmerized was singing beautifully.

And then, it rained! Again!! Thank God we were able to finish the pictorials.

Then the program continued. I sang a special number for my groom (now husband). My father sang a special song for me. We performed the money dance tradition. And some messages from our relatives.

And then we were done!! We had our pictorials again by the garden (the rain stopped this time, thank God). And the day was finished…

I was tired, I was famished, my feet were aching, but I was happy! More than anything! The day was just perfect. We were married and that’s all that matters.

What I learned from my wedding day is that it doesn’t matter what happens during the wedding day. If it rained, if the guests didn’t make it, if the DJ didn’t play the right song, if the wine bottle broke, if…if...if…if… What matters is that I am now married to the man I have loved for the past 11 years. The man who I practically spent my teen years with. And now, we are starting a new life together. And we are in bliss… =)

Oh this post is really long…but I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing it. Supplier’s rating to follow!!


Ü1 said...

whahaha...jen i enjoyed it a lot super duper...hehehe.. reading while working oh... :)

jen said...

hahaha!! you inspired me to update my blog..hehehe...ako nga posting while working eh... =) ok lang basta minimized ang window...hehhe