Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beautiful Moment

A forwarded email by my hubby:

Beautiful moment

When one beautiful moment ends, another begins. Do not hold so tightly that you miss the beauty altogether.

With a thankful heart, enjoy the goodness that comes your way in things great and small. The way to make sure you never lose it is to simply let it be.

In good time the joys of life come, one after another. Be open and accepting of what is now here, and you'll connect with the abundance that is all around you.

Each moment is a blessing. Treasure its unique gifts and do not rush to the next one, or worry that the last one was insufficient.

Relish the beauty that is now, and know that there will be more. Fully live and appreciate what you have right here and now.

In this beautiful moment is great and profound treasure. Let it be, and it is always yours.

-- Ralph Marston

--> True...sometimes we tend to dwell too much on the past or in the future, that we fail to see the beauty of today...

Treasure every moment you have. As the saying goes, "Everyday is a gift, that's why it;s called present"