Monday, June 22, 2009

Just Smile...

I have always been and always will be an Eheads fan. I practically grew up listening to their songs. I simply love them. I have an ultimate favorite Eheads song. And sometimes just listening to this song just makes everything bearable. Ely's soft voice, the meaningful lyrics and the nice rhythm just makes this song perfect. And in today's world, where you can see nothing but problems, worries, and anxieties, this song just makes things right...

Lift your head, baby, don't be scared

Of the things that could go wrong along the way
You'll get by with a smile

You can't win at everything but you can try.
- Yes, you can always try...It doesn't matter if you win or you lose. What matters is you did everything you can.

Baby, you don't have to worry
'Coz there ain't no need to hurry
No one ever said that there's an easy way - hell, yeah! there's never an easy way...

When they're closing all their doors

And they don't want you anymore

This sounds funny but I'll say it anyway.

Girl I'll stay through the bad times

Even if I have to fetch you everyday

I'll get by if you smile

You can never be too happy in this life. - this is can never be too is supposed to be hard!! hahaha!!

In a world where everybody
Hates a happy ending story
It's a wonder love can make the world go round
And don't let it bring you down
And turn your face into a frown
- No matter how hard life is, no matter how much your are suffering, never let it get the best of you.
You'll get along with a little prayer and a song. - Oh yeah...prayer really works!!! It's the best cure...

Too doo doo doo... =)


Jekoy said...

Wow! blow by blow analysis...hehe
lovwe you honey ko!