Friday, June 5, 2009

My 1st Kuriray Experience

First things first...what is Kurirays? Who are the Kurirays?

This is how i would define Kurirays:

Kurirays is a group of people from different teams/groups bonded together by their love for fun, stories, and free-flowing laughter. Founded last July 2008, Kurirays used to be called "Lunch mates" (tama ba yuwan? hehe). From a small group of people, it has now evolved into one of the biggest group of friends in our workplace. This is Kurirays...and this is where the fun begins...

Yesterday, we went to dinner with the Kurirays. They were actually celebrating one of their member's promotion as Team Lead. Ate Arlyn, the mommy of the group, has just been officially announced as the Team Lead of the Global Reporting Team. Congrats Ate!

And to add to their celebration, we will also be having our "initiation" into the group. We are the so-called neophyte Kurirays. The get together is also a send-off party to another member, who will be spending a few days in a foreign land. Det-det, don't forget our pasalubong!! =)

It has been agreed that we will be having dinner at Pizza Hut Park Square. It was a good thing I was able to come with them. Little did I know that this will be one of the momentous dinners in my life...hahahaha!!!

As the evening started, we placed our orders (thanks to Sulit Panalo Meals of Pizza Hut. @99 each, Sulit at Panalo talaga!). While waiting for our orders to arrive, Ü 1 , officially started the program proper -- yes there is a program!

I actually don't remember much of the things we talked about last night. I only remember having so much fun and laughing so hard till my head hurts. This group sure know how to have a good laugh despite the stress and angst of life.

At then end of the event, I was already starting to worry how in the world will I get home?! It was raining hard and the thought of standing in a long line of passengers waiting for the van to arrive was really nerve-wracking. But thankfully, when we stepped out of Pizza Hut, it was no longer raining hard, and the queue for the van was not that long. And then I suddenly realized that I need not worry about rain and long lines because as the evening ended, we were now officially part of the Kurirays!

The evening was really a stress reliever for me. And i think the others would agree too. I have actually been thinking about a lot of things lately and it's really good to take my mind off things.

Thanks to the Kurirays for this wonderful night. And thanks for welcoming us to the group. Ate Lisa, Ate Arlyn, Ü 1, Detdet, Vicky, Emie, Dess, Jan, Mishelle, Carole, Alma, Jeena (hope i didn't miss out anybody)--- looking forward to more fun filled moments with you guys! And thanks to Pizza Hut Park Square branch for my birthday ice cream!

mabuhay ang Kurirays! (pictures to follow -- di ko pa naga-grab kay
Ü 1 eh! hehehe)


Ü1 said...

awww... so nice of you..Thanks din...

dess said...

Hi ate jen, ganun talaga mga kurirays. Kapag may bago, always welcome. =)