Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Mommy Entry # 1

It feels good to tell the world that I'm going to be a mom soon and that Jake's going to be a dad just feels good to think about it.

But of course carrying a baby inside you isn't easy. A lot of changes has been and is taking place. Sometimes it freaks me out but oftentimes it keeps me amazed.

I just want to share our baby's 1st and 2nd ultrasound images. The 1st one was taken using Transvi ultrasound (that was when we have yet to confirm that I am having a baby). I was 6 weeks pregnant then. The 2nd one was taken using a Pelvic ultrasound. I was on my 19th week then.

The images are just amazing...


Ü1 said... Im excited to become a mommy...whahaha..joke.

Jekoy said...

Mahal kita!

Married life can only get better!