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Our Wedding Vow

I appreciated the fact that Jake took time to compose his vow. It was a sweet vow. Thought not completely original, I still felt the sincerity in his words. My vow was...ok, as i mentioned before..hahaha...after i heard his vow, i felt quite ashamed of mine! hehehe..well, here goes:

The Bride's Wedding Vow:


I could never find the words to say what I’m feeling right now. The past 11 years of my life have been nothing but wonderful. Yes, we had our share of misunderstandings and problems but it never hindered us from staying together. A lot of people doubted if this relationship will last because we were too young then, to know how it is to love and be loved…and we’ve proved them wrong. And we have also shown ourselves that love knows no boundaries…and indeed, age doesn’t matter.

And now, 11 years has passed and our love for each other still remains and has grown stronger over the years. We are now entering a new chapter in our lives and I am glad that we did it together.

Today, in front of God, our families and dear friends, I now promise to be one with you in taking this journey together, to remain faithful and to always keep our love in my heart. I promise to be a good wife to you, a mother to our future kids, a partner and a friend.

If I were given a chance to revisit one day in my past, it would be the day I met you. I love you and I will always choose to love you. No hesitations, no inhibitions, no ifs, no buts…

I loved you then, I love you now, and I will love you FOREVER.

The Groom's Wedding Vow:

I was once told that the joy in life is not hearing the words I love you… but being lucky enough to say it.

“I love you Jen”.

It has been 11 years and yet up to this day I haven’t figured out how you manage to always put a smile in my heart without even doing anything.

You have found joy in my happiness, I know how you dislike watching action movies but you always try to put a convincing face whenever I ask you to watch one with me.

You always think of ways to make me happy, so far researching on new recipes to cook for me never ceases to surprise me. Your little ways reminds me that I will spend my waking moments with you, I believe that eternity unfolds everyday when I’m with you.

You make me feel the most important person in the whole world,

They can take all the wealth that I have but I would still be rich as long as I have you because that’s what you are to me, a gift from God.

I could promise to hold you and to cherish you…

I could promise to be there in sickness and in health…

I could say ‘til death do us part but I won’t…

Those vows are for optimistic couples, the one’s that have full of hope and I do not

Stand here on my wedding day optimistic or full of hope..

I am not optimistic, I am not hopeful…

I am sure, I am steady

I am sure that we are meant to be together, that you are my partner, my lover, my very

bestfriend, my soulmate…

My heart beats for you…

And on this day, the day of our wedding I promise you this…

I promise you that I will lay my heart at the palm of your hands…

I promise you me…

I love you “My Loves”


Ü1 said…
Jekoy said…
Took me more than 2 weeks to get the "VOW" done but it was all worth it... being able to express your true feelings to the one you love in front of all your friends and love's just an amazing feeling...:D

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