Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rants and Raves of a 26 year-old

Today I woke up wondering if yesterday was really my birthday.

Yesterday went by so fast…

And I didn’t even have time to reflect on the things that I needed to be thankful for. I have actually been whining about yesterday. I honestly didn’t feel good about anything. I was not happy.

I was greeted by friends (who remembered), family and colleagues. Some sincere, some obliged. I used to love my day. But yesterday was entirely different. I didn’t feel anything special about the day. It was just an ordinary day for me. And I felt sad about it.

I am actually not used to celebrating my birthday extravagantly. I just do things that I felt like doing for the day. Spend a day off from work, spend time with my loved one, simple dinner with the family, a simple surprise. But yesterday, I only got a few of my wishes. I spent a whole day at work, I spent a few hours with my hubby, and no dinner with family, and no surprise. It was sad, really. My hubby kept telling me to cheer up. But I just couldn’t. I didn’t feel like celebrating. I just felt like my day is passing me by.

Now I’m wondering…are birthdays for the children only? Should adults be exempted from celebrating their birthdays? As I reflect on these thoughts, I realized that the child in me would always want to celebrate my day. It’s just sad that I wasn’t able to celebrate it the way I wanted to.

Anyway, moving forward…

I actually have a lot of things to be thankful for. For one, it’s good to still be alive. God has given me another year in life and I am deeply thankful for it.

I have also received blessings for the past year. I am thankful that I am already married to the one I love. And we are expecting our little baby soon. I have a new job. I met new friends. It warms my heart to know that despite all my angst in life, God has still given me blessings which made life worth living.

Still…a birthday celebration would be nice…hahaha!! By the way, I can’t wait for Friday to come. It’s a holiday here in the Philippines and my hubby and I will be having a weekend getaway…sort of post-birthday celebration. =) I just hope i'm in the mood to smile by then!


Ü1 said...

whahahah... why sad??? :(
nalungkot naman ako...hehehe
anyway bawi na alng this weekend..hehehe

Jekoy said...

That's right Hon count your blessing! hehe

At this point of our lives (ehehehe serious!), we have to learn to appreciate the importance of every little thing that is happening for us to be contented and it is not just "settling down on what we have" but more of just "enjoying life" short...think positive! 'Wag kang aayaw!