Monday, June 1, 2009

Wedding Suppliers' Ratings Part 1

Here goes my suppliers' ratings and some pics:

***** - Outstanding

**** - Very Good

*** - Good, could be better

** - Bad

* - Never get them!

Church: PCJ


Source: weddingsatwork

Peso Power: 7k

The “ATEs” in PCJ are the best. They were really nice and they respond to our queries even just through text. They were really easy to talk to. Though not our top choice, but because due to the proximity and the services we got from them, I give them 5 stars.

Reception Venue and Food: Palmier


Peso Power: approx. 80k for 150pax

Source: weddingsatwork

I didn’t even know that such a place exists in BF Homes. I just got some information through a wedsite of one of the w@w sisses. I asked my hubby if he wants to take a look at the place because it looks nice and cozy. We booked them 10 months in advance. After 2 months, we called the venue and asked for our account officer. And we were shocked to find out that he was no longer connected with them. So we immediately asked the new marketing officer if our name is in their calendar and thank God it was.

Melissa was really nice to talk to. We had a lot of questions for her and a lot of requests. Almost all requests were granted. Their food was also good and cheap. The service was not superb but it was ok. The place was cozy. But since it’s an open venue area, the ventilation they provided was not enough.

Gowns: Oskar Peralta


Peso Power: Undisclosed

Source: My lola Margie (+)

Never in my life have I dreamed that I would wear a designer gown on my wedding day. It was enough for me that the gown I will be wearing fits, looks good on me and will make me look like a bride.

Oskar Peralta was never an option for us. But lo and behold, I had the chance to wear a gown designed by him! It was really a long story and I don’t want to go into details of it. Why 3 stars? We had problems communicating with him. The fitting schedules were really a headache for us. We eve

n panicked when we were told that the pillows, veil, and cord were not included. But when we picked up the gowns, it was there—with matching headpiece for me. Also, there was a miscommunication on the day itself. I thought no one was going to help me dress up. But thank God, he showed up. But nevertheless, my gown was perfect. I love it. Everybody loved it. The mothers’ gowns were also fabulous. The entourage gowns were ok except for one. I was not satisfied with my MOH’s gown. But it was ok.

Choir: Totally Mesmerized


Peso Power: 6k

Source: weddingsatwork

Oh I love this group! When I joined w@w, I kept on stumbling on their group’s name. they had so much positive feedbacks from the couples they rendered their service to. So I decided to set up a meeting with them. Since they were from Cavite, I didn’t have any problems.

It was nice talking to Diane and the rest of the group. It’s such a small world when I found out that Diane used to work for JGC Phils, the company I was working for during that time. I had so many requests for them. And I am so lucky to have found this group. They services are so affordable, the come to your wedding on time, and in complete costume!! They were in gowns! Oh I just love them. The guests were amazed with their voices. It was just heavenly. So I gave them 5 stars.