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Wedding Suppliers' Ratings Part 2

Photo/Video: RJL Digital Photography and Videography


Peso Power: 37k

Source: Family

Ninong Bobby is my godfather. He has been the family’s official photographer and vodeographer for years now. He was even my parents’ photographer and videographer during their wedding. His package was affordable compared to others. I only gave him 4 stars because the shots were mostly traditional. But nevertheless, they were able to capture our moment.

Backup Photographer: Espesyal na Ngiti

Source: weddingsatwork

Peso Power: 4k


I love Jeff and Christine! They are really easy to talk to. And I was even surprised that they are also newlyweds. We opted to get backup photographers because we wanted to have non-traditional shots. And their package is really affordable! I love their wedding photostory AVP. Another w@w find. Super sulit. Of course, 5 stars! And if I were given the chance to get them as photographers again, of course I would!! Maybe on my baby’s 1st bday?? Hmmm… that’s a thought.. =)

HMUA: Michelle Zapanta


Peso Power: 9.5k (Including Trial Makeup, Bride+2pax, grooming of groom) (800 addl head)

Source: weddingsatwork

Another w@w find. Affordable, but the quality of his (yes, he is a HE) work is really superb. I had my trial make-up 2 months before the wedding (just in time for the prenup pictorial). And I decided to book him right there and then. He was so easy to talk to and he really knows what he is doing. And he uses imported products too. I’m so happy with my hair and makeup. So happy that I even got him to do my makeup during our Christmas Party! =)

Cupcake Tower: Yumi Castrillo’s Piece of Cake


Peso Power: 7.8k / 100pcs cupcakes + cutting cake

Source: Weddingsatwork

Yumi is a lawyer by profession. But according to her, being a lawyer is just her sideline. Yumi is nice and easy to talk to. Her packages are really affordable. Unfortunately, we were not able to have a taste of her cupcake during our meeting. But I just relied on w@w sisses’ good reviews. I just told her my motif and my preference as to what the tower would look like. She delivered well and the cupcakes were delicious. Compared to traditional fondant cakes, cupcakes I think are more worth your money because everyone gets to take a piece of it. Oh by the way, the cutting cake was also yummy!!

Hotel: Parque EspaƱa


Peso Power: 15k (2 days/2 nights, 3 bedroom suite)

The hotel was nice. The staff were accommodating. Compared to other hotels within the vicinity, Parque is more affordable. Too bad I was not able to take a dip at their pool. But their breakfast buffet was really good!


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