Monday, June 1, 2009

Wedding Suppliers' Ratings Part 3

Wedding Ring: c/o mama Elsie’s Alahero

Source: Mama Elsie

Peso Power: 9k


Affordable…the diamonds were a gift from Mama Elsie. Though not really our ideal ring, still we love it. I gave them 3 stars because the rig was not “pulido”. But again, it’s fine with us. Simple and it fits well.

Flowers: Mang Boy Mahusay / Dangwa


Peso Power: 10k (Bridal bouquet, 10 principal Sponsors, 5 entourage, 2 flower girls, 2 offertory baskets, 1 bridal car, loose petals, hairpiece for flower girls)

Source: Weddingsatwork

I only gave them 3 stars because the flowers were not in accordance to our color motif. Buti na lang I love my bouquet!! It’s purple!!!

Priest: Fr. Rene Lagaya SDB

Source: St. Rita College (former school chaplain)


Oh I so love Fr. Rene! We were very thankful because he was the one who officiated our wedding. Jake and I were sweethearts back in high school and we used to ask Fr. Rene to bless us during Valentine’s Day. His blessings proved to be effective for us! That’s why when we decided to get married, we wanted to get him to officiate the rites.

Groom’s Barong: Barong Tagalog SM Southmall


Peso Power: 6k

It was so hard to choose a nice Barong for Jake. For one, I didn’t want him to wear anything that would make him look like the rest. So I was very choosy. When I saw this Barong a mere 2 weeks before the wedding, I told Jake that this is it. A very unique Barong indeed.