Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Meaning: Its source is Yochana, a Hebrew name meaning "God's grace."

Alternative Spellings: Jenicka and Jennica

Variant Forms: Jeniqua

Narrative: The Hebrew Yochana was translated into Latin as Joanna or Johanna. Over time these developed into the Old French Jehan(n)e. At various points this string of ancestors spun off many modern variations that have enjoyed a great deal of popularity.

Most of them share the quality of simplicity. Whether we call to mind the fictitious Jane Q. Public or the legendary Joan of Arc (Jeanne D'Arc in French), these names seem to emerge from the heart of the people.

[ syll. je-ni-ca, jen-ica ] The girl name Jenica is pronounced JHEHNahKah KEY. Jenica's origin is Hebrew, and its use, English and Romanian. Jenica is a variant form of the English Jane.

Jenica is not commonly used as a baby girl name. It is not in the top 1000 names. In 2008, within the family of girl names directly related to Jenica, the English Jane was the most popular.

Baby names that sound like Jenica include the English Jameka, the English Jamesha, the English Jameshia, the English Jamesia, the English Jamessa, the English Jamika, the Polish Janeska, the English Janessa, the Czech Janica, the English Janisa, the Scandinavian Jannike, the Slavic Jasminka, the English Jenasys, the English Jennica, the Polish and English Joanka, the Czech and English Johanka, the Dutch Johanneke, the English Genesis, the English Jamese, and the English Jamesica.