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My Mommy Entry # 14

A nice surprise from Ericsson/Kuriray friends

Last Friday, September 4, was really a fun day. I had a nice suprise from my Ericsson colleagues. They hosted a nice and cute baby shower for me. It was really a surprise coz i didn't really have any idea that they were planning on giving me one.

Backtrack: Wednesday, September 2, I stayed at home coz I was not feeling really well. I've been having abdominal cramps since the night before. So I just decided to take a break from work.

Thursday, September 3, I went back to work, feeling a bit normal. It was just an ordinary day for me. Nothing unusual happened. Until hubby Jake sent me a text message, asking me, "Bakit tumatawag sakin si Lala?" Hmmm, bakit nga? and then just before going home, Yuwan told me twice, "Jen, pasok ka bukas ha". And Lala asked me also if I was going to work the next day. =)

Friday, September 4, I was late for work. I missed the 7:45 AM shuttle. So i had to wait for the 8:15 shuttle. When I arrived at the office, still I didn't notice anything unusual. Until I saw some of my colleagues (actually Kurirays, hehehe...) wearing my favorite color, purple. Thinking it was just coincidence, I just acted normal.

At around 3-4pm, Yuwan asked me what time I was going home. I told her I was late so I had to extend my stay for a few minutes more. She then told me, "Mag snack muna tayo mamaya ha". Hmmm...

5pm came, I started to fix my things, getting ready to go home. Then again, Yuwan asked me, "Uwi k na?!" Hahaha...I told her, "Hindi pa, late nga kasi ako..."

And then at around 5:30, Yuwan, Karen and Lala approached me and told me, "Tara merienda tayo".

Then instead of going out, we headed to Asia meeting room, where I was greeted by the rest of the accomplices. =)

It was such a nice feeling. Most of them were really wearing puple, some were wearing pink. Yuwan and Carole served as the party hosts. Everyone gave their well-wishes for me and baby. To top it off, my favorite Pancit Malabon and Cheese Pichi-Pichi from Amber was served!

But that's not the end of the my surprise, hubby was there too, with matching flowers pa! All this time, he knew that they were planning on surprising me and didn't even give me a clue!

I love suprises...especially if I'm not the one being surprised! hahaha...but this is one suprise I surw will never forget. Special thanks to my Kuriray friends for this wonderful surprise. Just to share some pictures:

For more photos, please visit

I'd also like to share the cute e-invite sent out by the master mind, Yuwan. =)

And the nice AVP made by Mean =)


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