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My Mommy Entry # 19: My Birthing Experience (Part 2)

When we reached the hospital, my cousin dropped us off at the main entrance and will just meet us inside. Meanwhile, hubby and I were figuring out were to go since we didn’t have time to explore the birthing center of the hospital during our visits.

When we reached Genesis, the birthing center, my OB was already there dressed in her scrub suit and the nurses were already waiting for me. When my OB saw me, she asked me to proceed inside for the preparation. Meanwhile, hubby was tasked to arrange my admitting papers.

Inside the room, I was prepped. The nurses asked me to change into a hospital gown and then they asked me to lie down. At this point, I was already thinking to myself, “This is it!” In a few hours time, I will be seeing my baby.

I waited for the nurses to do their “thing”. I was then hooked on an IV (my first time, and it hurts!!). One of the nurses was conducting an interview on me. She asked me about my medical history, etc. Then another nurse came and shaved me “down there”. The anesthesiologist was also there and she explained to me how the anesthesia will be administered and what I could possibly feel. I could get tingly all over, I could have difficulty in breathing, etc. I just nodded and said ok. I couldn’t really digest what she was saying. =) And then my husband came inside and was asked to change into a scrub suit. He was asked to stay there until he was called inside. We didn’t have an exchange of words, no words of encouragement. We just stared at each other, and instantly I knew everything’s going to be alright. And then it was time to go.

The nurse wheeled me inside the operating room. I was imagining the room to be creepy. But when I got inside, it was actually ok. It was not at all creepy. There was music inside (RNB, mind you). And the atmosphere was rather welcoming.

Then I was transferred to the operating room table. The anesthesiologist came and administered the anesthesia. The first shot was rather painful but with the second shot, I didn’t feel a thing. Within seconds, my lower body went numb. And then I realized that the time has come. One by one, the doctors came inside and then I saw my OB. They started to “cut me up”. And then I heard my OB tell the nurses, “Tawagin nyo na si Jake, yung husband. OK na ko”. I remember her telling the nurses that statement 3 times. I then saw my husband come inside with the camera around his neck. We again stared at each other. And he started taking pictures. It all came so fast. The next thing I knew, my OB was showing me our precious baby. She came out at exactly 5:45PM. And according to my hubby, it was as if the whole operating room stood still. Everyone was asking, “Baby out na?” and they gathered around the table to see. Everything went well. Hubby kissed my forehead and the anesthesiologist congratulated me. Hubby then was asked to take pictures of baby while she was being cleaned. Once clean, they showed me our baby and the anesthesiologist gladly took our first family picture.

By this time I was already feeling tired and the anesthesiologist asked me if I wanted to sleep already and I said yes. She administered the drug that would make me fall asleep. And I guess that was the time when the doctors started to stitch me up. I woke up a few hours later and I can hear the doctors talking about tennis, etc. And then my OB approached me and told me, “Jen wag ka muna magsasalita ha”. I just nodded my head. And then the doctors left. The nurses left inside transferred me to another bed and I was wheeled inside the recovery room. I looked at the clock and it showed 7:15 PM. I was inside the operating room for about 2 hours. And I have to stay inside the recovery room for another 2 hours.

After a few minutes, hubby came inside the room and he kissed me again. Since I can’t talk, he did all of the talking. I can’t remember the things he told me. All that mattered to me was that my baby is ok. I was ok. And my hubby is with me.

Hubby then went out since my mom and papa wanted to see me also. My mom came first and asked me if I was ok. I told her yes. My father came second and he kissed my forehead and the first thing he told me was, “ang cute nya”.

Hubby came in again bringing with him my cousin’s celfone and he showed me photos of our newborn. The digicam’s battery was already drained by this time. He stayed with me until I was cleared to go to my room.

It was already past 10 PM when I was finally allowed to go up to my room. At that point, I was already exhausted and I wanted to rest. I was then brought to my room on the 10th floor, Room 1007.

When I entered, my mother and father were waiting for me. And they kept asking me if I was ok and I just nodded yes. Then the phone rang and it was the Huggery nurse. She will be bringing our baby up for me to breastfeed. Yey! This will be the first time I will see her after our short encounter in the operating room! Too bad Ate Mhel and Aira were no longer there to see her.

While waiting for our baby, our first visitors came. Some of my former colleagues came in to visit me. Li-anne, Jacy, Kris, Arianne and Excel were there to visit and greet me. Though I was not allowed to talk, I can’t help but answer their questions. Ang kulit kong pasyente! And then when they left, my mother and father decided too to call it a day and headed home. My husband and I were left in the hospital room. I knew he was also tired and hungry. I insisted that he already eat the dinner bought by my parents for him but he didn’t want to since he felt guilty about me not being able to eat yet. I told him it’s ok. I was already feeling sleepy by that time. I think I fell asleep after a few minutes. I keep waking up because I felt uncomfortable. The effect of the anesthesia was already wearing off. I can feel the pain of my stitches, my body is itchy all over, and I felt too hot. I kept asking Jake to adjust the temperature and make it higher since it was too hot. And also, the nurse kept creeping inside the room to check on me. Quite irritating actually, but impressive also. They really do check on their patients. =) Apparently, he was already freezing cold! I also kept asking him to wet my lips with cold water because I was really too thirsty.

September 25, I woke up early still groggy from the effects of the anesthesia. This time the effect has totally worn off. I can really feel the pain. I couldn’t move freely either since I was still on IV. Again, the nurse kept on checking on me from time to time to administer the medicines prescribed by the OB.

This morning Mama Tess came in early to visit me and also to help Jake in looking out for me since Jake will be processing the needed Philhealth documents for my discharge the following day. We were also visited by my in-laws.

My OB also visited me and she even “forced” me to stand up. It was soooo painful! But I had to endure it. I had to be a good patient. When I stood up, my feet and legs felt weak. I was afraid I would fall over. But hubby was there to support and assist me. I wouldn't know what to do without him!

That night, a lot of people came in to visit me. Mean and Lala from Ericsson, Mau and Effer from MGS, Ate Vive, Ate Mhel, Yna, Nicole, Aira and Ate Ing, Ate Judy and Kuya Eric, PingPongPang friends (Nestor, Marbon, Arthur, Lea, Chevy). My room was literally full of people. It was so heartwarming to have these people come and visit us.

After that tiring day, Jake and I fell soundly asleep. I can barely feel/hear the nurse creeping in! Hahaha!

September 26, it was a stormy morning. The rain was pouring in so hard. There was traffic jam everywhere and waters were starting to rise up. I was discharged at 11am but we were allowed to stay until late afternoon. The rain kept pouring. Little did we know that this typhoon (Ondoy), will be one of the few typhoons who will cause so much damage to the country. I was still thankful because my OB was able to see me that day. According to her, a lot of doctors weren’t able to come because of the rain.

All of the nurses who took care of me and baby kept asking us if we really are going home already. Most of the nurses decided to stay in the hospital since they couldn’t get home because of the heavy rain and flood. Even my pediatrician was not able to check on our baby because of the flood.

We left the hospital at around 6:00 PM. We didn’t avail of the Pre-discharge Dinner for 2 included in the hospital freebies. It was a blessing that we were able to go home safe and sound. Our baby is such a blessing to us.

This is the end of my hospital experience. But my journey as a mom has just started. There’s still a lot to learn. But for now, I just want to cherish every moment I have with my baby.


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