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Aside from people going to the cemetery during  the All Saints' and All Souls' Day holidays, another news that became a headline, was that of a 20-year old fresh graduate from UST, who was stabbed to death 49 times bu tricycle drivers in her subdivision.  For others, it was just another headline, but for me it was different.  I never knew the girl personally.  But I live in the same subdivision.

When I first read the news on Twitter, the night of October 31, there were no details yet on the incident.  But there was something in the news that made me feel scared and worried.  Until the morning of November 1, I kept on checking the news, but details were still not available...then came the evening news.  

When we went home from the cemetery, I noticed that the GMA 7 News van was in our subdivision.  And right then and there, I have confirmed my suspicions that the girl was from the same area.  I waited for the evening news, and there, our subdivision was mentioned.  The details on what happened were also released by the investigators/police.  It was just so brutal and inhumane.

The morning of November 2, it was televised that the 2 suspects have been arrested.  It should've been a relief for me.  But the fear is still there.  Fear that there might be someone else who can do such thing.  Fear that on the night the crime happened, it could've been me...or Jake or any of my loved ones taking the same route when going home.  There are a lot of tricycle drivers in our subdivision and I think a lot of them are not from the area.  It makes me really paranoid to go home and ride a tricycle alone, for fear of that incident happening again.  It made me think of the future -- should we allow our baby to commute all by herself in a not so safe environment?  It made me think - should we look for a new place?  But then I know that these things can happen anywhere, even in the exclusive subdivisions.  But still, I can't seem to relax.

I just hope that justice will be served for Cyrish Magalang and that her family be comforted especially in times of grief.  For the suspects, I hope they truly pay for what they did and repent for their sins.

I don't know when I can get over this paranoia.  But for sure, it will be a really long time for me to be able to relax when riding a tricycle alone.


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