Saturday, February 1, 2014

Health is Wealth

We just came home from Asian Hospital's ER.  No, it was not a case of preterm labor.  The hubby was not feeling well and we decided to bring him to the hospital.  Fortunately there was no need to confine him but we had to stay for about 3 hours so he can be hydrated thru IV.

I felt helpless and still feeling helpless until now.  I'm not used to seeing him weak.  He is the strong one in the family and i always depend on him.  But this time, i had to be the strong one.  Thank God he's feeling better though still feeling sick at least he is not that weak anymore.

My father also took the chance to have himself checked since his left eye was bloody red and. I suspect there must have been some broken nerve.  And I'm correct...there was some affected nerve and he had to undergo some medication.  What surprised me and probably him was that he needs to have himself checked by a cardiologist.  His blood pressure was really high.  He was a bit hesitant at first but I insisted that he get checked.  

At that moment, my worry grew even more.  My husband was sick, my father needs to be checked and to lower his blood pressure and I know that my mom is also feeling some pain on her knees and legs and also needs to be checked.  I am lost, worried and I felt like a child - helpless, and useless.

I want them all to be ok.  And I am praying that they will be.  My mom still needs to be checked and my father needs to undergo medication.  My husband also needs to rest to have his energy back.  I hope they will be ok.

Health is wealth and family is wealth.