Thursday, December 6, 2007


last night, my mom and i went to SM Molino. sumakay kami sa ATC (yung mga vans going to Paliparan-Dasma). when we were along Daang-Hari, naririnig ko yung driver ng van may kausap sya sa radio na isa pang driver. i cannot hear the conversation but it seems as if the drivers were starting to panic. i heard words like, "nakasalubong", "hindi sumasagot", etc. but i brushed any idea off my mind until we were able to reach our destination safe and sound.

the following morning (which was today), my mom woke me up with the news na merong naholdup kagabi along daang-hari. i watched the morning news (Unang Hirit) and i found out that the van was among those stationed in ATC and sila ung mga bumbyahe going to Paliparan. when i saw that van, i suddenly became scared because that was the van which we almost rode in! thank God i've decided to check my ATM first, since i was expecting to get my 13th month that day. thank God medyo traffic sa ATC that day kaya napatagal ako bumaba...

btw, 3 holduppers were killed. yung isa nahuli lang, dapat dyan bitay. yung leader ng swat namatay din...kawawa naman.

thank God talaga at hindi kami nakasakay sa van na yun...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

frustrated (this entry came in before the previous entry)

October 8th, 2007

i am starting to get frustrated with what is happening w/ me right now. i would like to believe that something good will come out of this but i can't seen to get myself to ACTUALLY believe. what makes it worse is that the other person thinks that i am just doing this just because i feel like doing so. i hate it! when can he actually realize that i mean what i say? when can he fully believe that i am tired of waiting? that i am really sick and tired of dealing with his unkept promises and mismanaged priorities? i have set a deadline for myself...and he knows that. but he doesn't believe. i just hope it won't come THAT point. both of us won't like the result. but i made that deadline, and i plan to stick to it. arrggghhh!!!! i hate it!!

happy...i got my sign

i feel so happy...i never expected this to happen too soon...

i woke up in the morning feeling a little bit strange. i got a txt message from my boyfriend asking me a weird question. he gave me a hint when he asked me that question. but nevertheless, i just brushed the thought off my mind and spent the day as normally as i can.

noon came, and he texted me again asking me another strange question. my suspicions are getting stronger but at the back of my mind, i never thought he would do it this soon. i tried calling him but there was no answer. i was wondering, "wait a minute...a few seconds ago we were just txtng each other and then suddenly he can't answer my call?" hmmm...something fishy is going on.

he then called me and tried his best to act normal. and i thought to myself, "ahhh, i might be imagining things". so i went on with my work and stopped thinking about the strange signs.

he fetched me at the office at around 7:00pm. we were supposed to go to ATC, but he suddenly said that we should just stay there since it's already late. i agreed. then later on, he said, "kain tayo ha, minsan lang kita i-treat". ok, i agreed. he first bought me the shoes i was craving for and then we went to the restaurant. when we arrived, i noticed him glancing at the manager. hmmm...what the hell does that mean? i shrugged the thought off since i honestly do not believe that he could actually do it. and so, we took our seats and then gave our orders. after a few minutes the waitress gave us our drinks, and just a few seconds after, the manager took it away...sabi nya "ay baka hindi sa atin yun". ok, nothing there...a few minutes have passed and i am starting to feel really strange. our conversation was unnatural. he seemed tense and the scene was really weird. a few minutes more and the manager approached us and told us that everything was already arranged. i asked him why we had to transfer seats, ang sabi nya "mainit dun eh". so i just followed him and to my horror, we were heading to the function room. i don't know what to feel and think. "why the hell are we heading here?". and as we approached, i saw that our orders were already there and we had the room to ourselves. hmmm....

so we ate, and talked. he explained that he had it arranged since he missed me so much and wanted to spend time alone with me. we had another unnatural conversation, talking about his work, calculating how much the bill would be and actually telling me that he might not have enough money on hand to pay for it (which was all a drama, by the way) talking about a friend who recently broke up with his girl. throughout this conversation, i cannot seem to focus. there is something strange here...

he started getting all serious, talking about things that i have never heard him talk about before. he said that he feels sorry for our friend and was wondering if he was able to propose to the girl before they broke up, etc..etc.. he told me that he did not want the same thing to happen to him.

and then he reached for my hand...he started talking about us, about celebrating our 10th year, about how much he loves me and how much he wants everything to be perfect but can't seem to think of a way to make things even more perfect. at this point in our conversation, i was already feeling uneasy, i know something's up. i even tried to stop him from getting so serious because i am not used to it. but he just won't stop. he kept saying things that, honestly, i do not remember now. all i remember was when he asked me if "papakasalan mo ba ko?" i said "yes, naturally. we have been talking about it already". but then he repeated the question, "will you marry me?" i said yes...and then he showed me the ring and said, "then you'll have to wear this." at that point i started to cry...i don't know why..i'm just so happy because i just got my sign...God is good.

he slipped the ring into my finger, but i can't seem to look at it. he kept telling me to look at it but i just can't. i was just so elated! i was still crying...all i was able to say was "i love you"...

i am overwhelmed. i am happy...i cannot believe he planned all of that...and was sorry that the ring was not really the ideal ring.though admittedly it was not my dream proposal (and he knows that),but what the heck! i have him, don't i? for me that's enough. seeing him get all teary-eyed when talking to me, hearing him say things that he hasn't said before, and making me feel truly special (eh imagine, nakayanan nya magrequest na maoccupy namin ung function room!!! who wouldn't feel special about that?) i don't even care whether he proposes or not...we're going to get married and the proposal was just a confirmation that we ARE getting married.

i love him...that's all i can say...and i am happy...i love him, so much!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


this has been a really tiring day for me. i've done a lot of things but it seems as if i still need to do A LOT!! deadlines are fast approaching and there are still things i need to comply with. -BER months are fast approaching ang i still don't know what will happen to me next. i just hope everything will be alright.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

my weekend gimik

my high school friends went to a bar in Malate. we were supposed to watch another friend and his band play. their gig was scheduled at 10pm. we agreed to meet up at around 8:00pm. but due to our constantly late friend (peace choi!), we left our meeting place a little over 9:30pm already. we arrived at the bar at around 10:15 and the band was already getting ready to play. another unfortunate event came up. the bar was not that big and can only accomodate a number of people. and since we were late, all the seats were taken. we decided to transfer to another bar (hey, we were able to hear our friend play, anyway!).

we were contemplating on where to go. we are not so familiar with the bars all over malate. we went there just once, at Ratsky. it's a good thing one friend of mine was quite familiar with the place since she, most of the time, spent her free time there during her college days. we went to several bars. we've decided to go to Common Ground bar, but a guy friend ranted because they wouldnt allow him to bring his cap inside! bad hair day choi! so we walked and walked until we reached ratsky. True Faith was playing that night (the same band who played when we went there one cold december). we decided against it later on because of their not so affordable entrance fee. 200 pesos each, non-consummable. :( so we went back to common ground bar, and our guy friend consented to leave his cap behind.

it was a nice bar, though they did not have any live bands playing (would've preferred bands over plain music). but since majority were in favor of going inside, i just followed them. the music consists mainly of house/trance and rnb music. i was not having much fun. not because i don't like the bar (though it was one of the reasons, but it doesn't matter anyway), but because i still have work the following day!! haha! imagine staying up until morning and then going to work the next day! suicide!!!

i thought of leaving earlier than them, around 1 or 2am. but of course just like any other gimiks with my friends, i was not able to go home earlier. my boyfriend and i arrived at his house around 4:30am. i slept at around 5am and woke up at 7:30am. i was still extremely sleepy but i couldn't afford not to got to work (i'm the team lead of the group, by the way).
to make the story short, i went to work. was sleepy all day! i went home at around 5pm. i slept at 6pm and woke up the next day at 9am!! haha!

i had a nice time, though not that great. my boyfriend kept dancing and if not for my dilemma of going home or not, i would've enjoyed the gimik more.

hopefully next gimik will be more favorable for me and my schedule. :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

wanting something you can't get --- yet.

have you ever been in a situation wherein you wanted something so badly but the odds say you can't get it yet? i am currently in that situation. i badly want something to happen to me right now, but it seems as if it i am not yet destined to experience it. not yet... sometimes i find myself thinking why some people get what they want at exactly the same time they want it, and some are just unfortunate not to get what they want. life is indeed full of surprises. you cannot have the best of both worlds. i am not complaining, i don't have a cursed life. i appreciate whatever it is that's happening to me right now. it's just that there is something that i am wanting badly above anything else, but is still not happening to me...maybe it's not yet time. i just hope i still have the patience to wait for my time to come.

i am still holding on, hoping that one day things will go my way. i am waiting, hoping and praying...God give me strength...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Harry Potter and his magical world

i love harry potter. i'm a self-confessed harry potter addict. i have read the 7 books, watched the 5 movies and still hoping there are more books to come! i am currently RE-reading book 7 (have finished re-reding books 5 and 6, and i plan to re-read books 1-4). i simply adore jk rowling. her writing prowess is really beyond measure.

i was not a potter fan at first, and i didn't even see myself reading those books (that was a few years back). but when i started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, i knew id be hooked!

my favorite book in the series is the 6th book. don't get me wrong, i know this is the book in which dumbledore died...i hated it for that reason, but apart from that, the book is simply amazing! the fight scenes, snape's identity, harry and ginny, ron and hermione, etc! i just loved it!

i thought book 7 will be my favorite but i was a little disappointed with the ending and the epilogue. i expected more from jk. it would have been better if she wrote something about what happened to all the other characters in the book like, luna lovegood, cho chang, etc. and it would have been proper if they did a sort of "funeral" for the people who died in battle.

anyways, i still love jk. and i am truly looking forward to more books from her!


first entry...i have tried and tried and tried to manage a blog and i've failed over and over again...i am hoping that this time, i'll be able to update this blog more often. i envy people who manage to write in their blogs regularly. it's not as if i do no thave the time, i simply fail to do it. haha..excuses...

before sharing my world to you, i must first introduce myself. i graduated from the Royal, Pontifical and Catholic University in Manila, University of Santo Tomas. i took up AB-Behavioral Science for reasons only my heart knows...i love my course!

currently i am working as an HR Senior Staff for a real estate developer...3 years and counting..hopefully.

i am 24 years old and planning to get married with my boyfriend of many years now...never mind asking how long :D we have plans already but we havent got enough resources yet. hopefully next year we'll be able to save enough money to get married and have our honeymoon.haha!

i love the color purple...haha!! my officemates say that i always wear something with a touch of that color...

i love to sing! i once dreamt of becoming a singer or a band vocalist.

i like watching reality shows even if i know they are scripted! i also like watching quiz shows.

i want to explore the world someday...i have a lot of hopes and dreams, and i will make them come true!!!