Thursday, December 26, 2013



Christmas is over...New Year is coming

Gifts has been opened, and greetings has been sent...and just like that, Christmas is over.

In a few days, we'll be saying goodbye to 2013.

This year has not been so good to me.  Though everything was pretty stable, I can feel that there was something missing to complete my year.  The highlight of my year is probably our Hongkong trip and the day I found out that I am pregnant again with our 2nd child.  Other than that, everything's pretty much as it is.

A lot of problems came in, and are still coming in with no definite solution.  I'd like to convince myself that everything will be ok, but somehow there's a part of me that's still worried and can't help thinking otherwise.

I am definitely looking forward to 2014 - and really hoping that this year will be more fruitful and blessed compared last year.  I know there will be a lot of challenges that will come in, but I'd like to still feel positive about everything.

I hope and pray that things will be ok and God will provide.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Turning 30

I am 30.

30 years old, that is...I can't believe that my twenties is over.  It was a solid 10 years and I can't seem to remember most of what happened! Haha! But I can surely remember the most precious memories and events in my twenties.  I had my first job at 20 and stayed in the company until I'm 25.  I got married at 25.  Had a daughter at 26.  And what else?  See, I can't remember most of it.  But surely being in my 20s made me realize that life is indeed short and we need to make the most of it.

Last June 7, my husband prepared a surprise party for me.  It was a blast and not the usual catered party.  It was a Jollibee party! I have been telling him that I want to have a Jollibee party when I turn 30 because I never had one when I was a kid.  And i was pretty much touched and "kilig" when he prepared that for me.  There were only a few guests, but they're enough to make the party a memorable one.

June 8-9, another surprise - but this he told me in advance since we need to prepare.  He reserved a villa for 4 at Cintai Corito's Garden Resort, which by the way is a really nice but expensive place.  I told him that I want to spend my birthday with my family, and he did it again.  But we were not complete.  My father was too busy with work to file for a leave and spend time with his family on his daughter's 30th birthday - talk about priorities, huh?  So it was only me, Jake, Jenika and my mom.  I was happy but I admit, there was a pinch of disappointment and even hurt because my father chose to be at work rather than be with us.  And honestly, I'm still pissed.  I cannot even bear to look him in the eye and talk to him.  I'm just simply hurt.  But of course, life must go on and time will not stop for me or for him.  And so the day went by and I had to force myself to be happy because 3 of the most important people in my life are with me.

June 10-11, another escape, but this time it's just me and Jake.  It was pure rest and downtime for us.  It is very seldom that we get to have these moments together since we had Jenika so it was really a nice change.

Over-all, I can say that my 30th birthday celebration/s is/are a blast.  And all the credit goes to my husband, Jake for preparing everything and thinking of nothing else but to make me happy.

Despite all the glitches and negativities, I can't help but think of 2 things:  I am blessed.  I am loved.

Happy 30th Birthday to me!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kids say the darndest things!

Or in this case, my daughter says the darndest things!

She's 3.5 years old and she always amazes us with her ability to just blurt out things that would either make you go, "awwwww" or "huh?!"  Nevertheless, she's still such a dearie and we love her to bits!

Jenika: Daddy, wag ka lagi lalayo sa tabi ko ha...mami-miss kita..

Me:yung ofcmate ko nag audition sa the voice
Jenika:ano?  Ynajoice? Ninang ko yun ah! (referring to her ninang Yna Joy)

Jenika:Lola gusto ko nung chocolate palaman sa tinapay
Lola Maria Fe: Hindi pwede ubos na yun
Jenika:ehhhh gusto ko!!! *tantrums*
Lola:Jenika makinig ka naman sakin!hindi lahat ng gusto mo makukuha mo!sumunod ka naman sakin! 
Jenika: *naglakad at sumunod sa lola papuntang kitchen* oh eto na sumusunod na ko sayo! 

Jenika:wala kang baby!di mo ko baby!
Me:baby kita!
Me:ok di kita baby.wag mo ko tawagin mommy ha!
Jenika:sige... "Daddy"

si Lola Maria Fe habang pinapagalitan si Jenika:
Lola: Bakit ka ba sagot ng sagot?
Jenika: Kasi meron ako bibig...

Habang pinagsasabihan ko si Jenika...
Jenika: nung maliit ka ba,di ka nagc-cry?di mo inaaway si lola?
Me: *speechless*

Jenika:mommy,kamot mo ko dito sa kanan...
Me:san ba yung kanan? 
Jenika: *turo sa kanan*
Me:anong tawag dun sa isang side?
Jenika: Eh di "kabila"!

During dinner:
Jenika:penge water!
Me:nandun kay lolo. Pa,yung baso pakiabot
Jenika:hindi payong!baso!sabi mo payong!
May pinagmanahan ka talaga!

Me:wag mo ko gayahin
Jenika: wag mo ko gayahin
Me:echo ka ba?
Jenika:echo ka ba?
Me:pangit ako
Jenika:pangit ikaw!

me: kelly, maganda ka ba?
kelly: hindi..."sexy" :))

Jenika: Nanay, tatay gusto ko papay, ate kuya gusto ko kape
Lahat ng gusto ko ay kakainin ko...

I know there will still be a lot of these moments, and I'm not complaining :))

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Saw this on a Facebook post:

I won't always cry, Mommy
When you leave the room
And my supermarket tantrums
will end too soon
I won't always wake, Daddy
For cuddles through the night
& one day you will miss having a chocolate face to wipe
You won't always wake to find my foot
Is kicking you out of bed
 Or find me sideways on your pillow
Where you want to lay your head
You won't always have to carry me
In asleep from the car
Or piggy back me down the road
When my little legs can't walk that far
So cherish every cuddle, remember them all
One day Mommy, I won't be this small

I wanted to cry after reading this, realizing that one day my baby will already be a big girl.  Time really flies and we should treasure every moment we have with our loved ones and make sure that we build good memories with them.

I love you so much baby Kelly!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why We Should Go Home on Time by Narayana Murthy

Read this somewhere and really gets the message across.  Life will not stop for you.  If you spend your lifetime too caught up with work, you will fail to enjoy the beauty of life.


Mr. Narayana Murthy is undoubtedly one of the most famous persons from Karnataka. He is known not just for building the biggest IT Empire in India but also for his simplicity. Almost every important dignitary visits InfoSys campus. He delivered an interesting speech during an employee session with another IT company in India . He is incidentally, one of the top 50 influential people of Asia according to an Asiaweek publication and also the new IT Adviser to the Thailand Prime Minister.
Extract of Mr. Narayana Murthy's Speech during Mentor Session:
I know people who work 12 hours a day, six days a week, or more. Some people do so because of a work emergency where the long hours are only temporary. Other people I know have put in these hours for years. I do not know if they are working all these hours, but I do know they are in the office this long. Others put in long office hours because they are addicted to the workplace.
Whatever the reason for putting in overtime, working long hours over the long term is harmful to the person and to the organization. There are things managers can do to change this for everyone's benefit. Being in the office long hours, over long periods of time, makes way for potential errors.
My colleagues who are in the office long hours frequently make mistakes caused by fatigue. Correcting these mistakes requires their time as well as the time and energy of others. I have seen people work Tuesday through Friday to correct mistakes made after 5 PM on Monday.
Another problem is that people who are in the office long hours are not pleasant company. They often complain about other people (who are not working as hard); they are irritable, or cranky, or even angry. Other people avoid them. Such behavior poses problems, where work goes much better when people work together instead of avoiding one another.
As Managers, there are things we can do to help people leave the office. First and foremost is to set the example and go home ourselves. I work with a manager who chides people for working long hours. His words quickly lose their meaning when he sends these chiding group e-mails with a time-stamp of 2 AM, Sunday.
Second is to encourage people to put some balance in their lives. For instance, here is a guideline I find helpful:
  1. Wake up, eat a good breakfast, and go to work.
  2. Work hard and smart for eight or nine hours.
  3. Go home.
  4. Read the books/comics, watch a funny movie, dig in the dirt, play with your kids, etc.
  5. Eat well and sleep well.
This is called recreating. Doing steps 1, 3, 4, and 5 enable step 2. Working regular hours and recreating daily are simple concepts. They are hard for some of us because that requires 'personal change'. They are possible since we all have the power to choose to do them.
In considering the issue of overtime, I am reminded of my oldest son. When he was a toddler, if people were visiting the apartment, he would not fall asleep no matter how long the visit was, and no matter what time of day it was. He would fight off sleep until the visitors left. It was as if he was afraid that he would miss some thing. Once our visitors' left, he would go to sleep. By this time, however, he was over tired and would scream through half the night with nightmares. He, my wife, and I, all paid the price for his fear of missing out.
Perhaps some people put in such long hours because they do not want to miss anything when they leave the office. The trouble with this is that events will never stop happening. That is life! Things happen 24 hours a day. Allowing for little rest is not ultimately practical. So, take a nap. Things will happen while you are asleep, but you will have the energy to catch up when you wake. Hence,
- Narayana Murthy -

Work-Life Balance

my key takeaway from today's planning session: 
work-life balance is not just a responsibility of the company.the employees themselves should know when to say, "hey, i've had enough for today. i need to rest and spend time with my family. i'll finish this tomorrow". employees who do not have work-life balance are more prone to committing errors and this will only result to more work.
leaders on the other hand, should encourage and also show an example of work-life balance. this will not only guarantee a happy organization, but also an effective one. -- makes sense? buti na lang may work-life balance pa din ako...